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Alyssa Pukkila, Director of W2LA
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“My daughter has always struggled in school since her first year of kindergarten. By her second pass in kindergarten, she was diagnosed with ADHD and showed signs of dyslexia. By 3rd grade, she was falling behind in her studies and struggling, starting to have worsening behaviors, not wanting to go to school, and just constant arguing, fighting, and strife in our family. When she went into 4th grade, we decided to keep her at the school she was in hoping she would be okay with the accommodations they were allowing her. But not even a month into the new school year, she was struggling so much and so far behind, the teacher wasn’t wanting to help us work with her and it was just becoming toxic at the school and home. 

We had her enrolled and transferred by that November to Wired2Learn. By the end of that school year, not only were we seeing a vast improvement in our daughter’s personality and behavior, but also her ability to speak to us and understand simple directions. We weren’t fighting nearly as much with her to get to school. Even after school, it was night and day change.

Throughout the last few years she’s been at the Academy, we have seen leaps in her cognitive, social, and personal development. She openly and willingly reads books. She learns so much more easily with project-based learning. Instead of struggling and fighting the learning disability, we are now just fighting with a pre-teen. soon-to-be teen, and I will take that any day if it means my daughter can go through life learning without the struggle of fighting her brain on a daily basis. 

Without the Academy, my baby would have become one of the many being lost in the education system, no matter how hard I advocated for her or how many accommodations she received. She would have become discouraged, depressed and probably started acting out due to the frustrations of not being able to fully understand. 

I am able to breathe much easier knowing we have this support system that is powerful. Because the learning coaches do their jobs very well, I am able to just enjoy my child instead of harping on assignments and tests. All of those worries are not part of my day and I am truly grateful for the Academy and the staff for allowing me to have my child and enjoy her.”

Bre P.

Elementary School Parent

Learning Disabilities affect

Percent of students with a learning disability drop out of school.

percent of delinquent juveniles have an undiagnosed learning disability

Percent of Inmates with a Learning Disability

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