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If mainstream education is failing your child, we can help.

Twenty percent of kids have a learning disability. Most schools aren’t equipped to help these students, who fall behind and can experience lifelong challenges. Our program helps children build their self-confidence, rediscover the love of learning, and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

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Your Child Will Experience:

Cognitive Remediation

Skills-Based Remediation

Project-Based Learning

Wellness Coaching

Learning is Hard for Many Students

  • Are school and homework a constant battle in your house?
  • Do you feel like your child’s teacher has given up on them?
  • Has your child given up on themselves and their ability to learn?
  • Is your child unhappy, withdrawn, or acting out?
  • Have you advocated for your child but their school still isn’t doing enough?
  • Are you afraid of what the future will bring for your kid?

But you CAN change the trajectory of your child’s life. They ARE capable of college, career, and lifelong stability. Wired2Learn has the programming to help.

We empower students with learning disabilities – including dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, auditory processing disorders, memory struggles, dysgraphia, executive function challenges, and more – to enjoy learning in a safe, inclusive environment. These are bright children who struggle to learn in traditional schools. At Wired2Learn, we engage, encourage, and empower students with learning disabilities to transform their lives.

What Makes Wired2Learn Different?

We are an independent, private school serving children with learning disabilities in grades 3-12. Students come to us with learning challenges in reading, writing, spelling, math, memorization, processing, memory, organization, and/or attention. Our programming is designed to build and strengthen the weak areas of their brains that are causing these learning struggles.

At Wired2Learn, we believe in the potential of every student. We empower kids to have a growth mindset. We want them to be open and honest about where they struggle but not get caught up in their weaknesses. This is not a reflection of their self-worth. We help students build self-confidence, change their outlook, catch up on their academic levels, and experience learning that’s built for THEM.


There IS hope

Let’s change your child’s mindset from “I can’t” to “I can’t…yet” to “I CAN”!

There IS hope for your child! 

Our hearts break when we see children struggling and falling behind in mainstream education. That’s why we built a school that’s centered on the belief that relationships can change mindsets, kids can fall in love with learning again, and students with learning disabilities can develop the discipline needed to engage in challenging activities. 


What Parents are Saying About Wired2Learn

“Wired2Learn Academy is such a blessing to our family. In the three months since my children began Wired2Learn Academy, they have become more verbal and have grown in self-confidence and maturity. The Arrowsmith Program is helping their brains make new neurological connections and we are already seeing the results. Moreover, they have had the opportunity to work with tools in their Project-Based Learning that they hadn’t used before. Both our children are thriving. We are greatly looking forward to a full year at the Academy and all the continued growth and positive changes that will come with this upcoming school year.”

Eleanor L.

Elementary School & Middle School Parent

“It’s still hard to believe it’s been two years since we started this awesome educational program at Wired2Learn. At that time, we were at our rope’s end, trying desperately to get our daughter through 6th grade. I had pulled her out of her small Christian school and was attempting to homeschool her and realized quickly how much she struggled with everything. Through Alyssa’s assurance that W2LA was the perfect place for her, we set off on this new journey and are thrilled with her growth in every area. 

We are so happy to say Jorja will be returning to Wired2Learn Academyfor her third year!”

Tess N.

Middle School Parent

“Wired2Learn Academy has been an absolute Godsend for our 15-year old grandson over the past two years. Though very bright, he struggled in public school and could never keep up or succeed in that “cattle car” environment. Eventually, he stopped trying and became defeated by failure. At Wired2Learn, he has scaled many hurdles – social, emotional and academic. He’s become more self-confident and willing to take on challenges that previously paralyzed him. He’s overcoming deficits. 

The staff has poured themselves into his success with committed hearts and energies. He is transforming before our eyes, budding into the gifted, talented young man he was born to be. There is great hope now, and anticipation. It’s such a huge change for the best! We are profoundly grateful for W2LA and it’s dedicated staff, as well as it’s supportive school community of attending families. We’re all in this together, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Heather J.

High School Grandparent

How to Get Started at Wired2Learn

We vet all applicants carefully to make sure they’re a good candidate for our programming.


Give us a call or fill out our contact form.


Complete a Parent Tour to see the environment and ask the director questions.


Complete a Student Tour to experience the environment and gauge interest.


Complete a learning assessment.


Apply for enrollment.

Learning Disabilities affect

Percent of students with a learning disability drop out of school.

percent of delinquent juveniles have an undiagnosed learning disability

Percent of Inmates with a Learning Disability

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